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tek12 has come to a close

As with all good things, tek12 has come to a close. This website exists as an archive of the speakers & sessions that were presented. Please visit tek.phparch.com for details on upcoming conferences, as well as phparch.com to find out about other conferences we run as well as our other products, such as php|architect magazine, training, and our book series. Thanks for making tek12 a great experience and we look forward to seeing you at a future conference!

The Gamification of tek: Introducing Achievement Patches

We all know the drill at conferences:

  • The sessions
  • The networking
  • The parties

There is always so much to do, and precious little to show for it—except, of course, tons of new ideas, great contacts, and the occasional massive headache.

This year at php|tek, we are going to change that. We are introducing a new goodie: The Achievement patches.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re shaking your head and saying to yourself, Achievement patches? Doesn’t everybody already do those? Indeed, a lot of companies do; even some of our wonderful sponsors have great achievement programs already in place.

However, I am talking about something completely different: We aren’t giving you little images that you can display in your Facebook profile or on your blog; we are giving out real, honest-to-God patches made from the finest embroidered materials and backed by Velcro for easy application to a variety of surfaces—as long, I suppose, as they are Velcro-compatible.

Achievements, tek-style

What kind of achievements do we have in mind? All sorts of things that make a conference fun and interesting, like asking questions, networking, partying, and joining one of our many activities. I will be revealing the various achievement patches over the next couple of week over these very pages. (You may want to add the RSS feed to your feed reader so you don’t miss any.)

But wait, there’s more… from our sponsors

In addition to the conference achievement badges, several of our sponsors will have their own special badges. To get them, you just need to find their representatives and ask them about it. They may have a challenge ready for you, or they may simply give you their patches… you won’t find out unless you ask them.

Why would you want the sponsor patches, you ask? Aside from being one of the limited number of attendees to go home with the entire set, you want them because they’re going to help you enter into the drawing for our Ultimate Final Contest, with great prizes you can take home with you.

One Sash to Rule Them All

All these patches are going to need a place to go—and we’ve taken care of that in collaboration with our friends at Twilio.

Every attendee will receive a stylish sash that will fit precisely on top of their laptop and make collecting all your patches in one place easy and convenient.

The sash is designed to stick securely to your laptop (although you can always remove and reuse it if you need to); because it uses the loop side of the Velcro, it won’t collect dust and lint.

Conferences should always be informative, but who says they can’t also be fun?

Register for php|tek ’12 and secure your fun patch today!

Top 3 Reasons You Should Buy a Ticket Right Now

  1. 3 days, 39 talks, 3 letters in the words PHP and tek – Coincidence? I think not. It’s too symmetrical to miss!
  2. More acronyms than you can shake a stick at!
  3. This is your last chance for a discounted ticket to the best PHP conference around. So hurry over to Registration, and sign up right away!
  4. You do not want to anger The CalTM!

That’s right, there’s only a few more hours to get your tickets for php|tek 2012 at the Early-Bird prices. At midnight tonight, ticket prices increase to their regular prices.

Register Now

The Schedule is here

It’s taken nearly a month—actually, it’s taken exactly a month—of work, but we’ve finally managed to distill the hundreds upon hundreds of proposals that we have received down to the official schedule for this year’s php|tek.

As always, we’ve got a great mix of presenters and topics that cover the entire range of the PHP world, touching not just on the language, but on the technologies that PHP developers work with, the community, and its inhabitants.

We look forward to seeing you there—don’t forget that our Early-Bird Special ends on February 28th.

The Call for Papers is coming to a close!

The 31st is sneaking up on us, and just like the year, the call for papers for next year’s editions o php|tek is rapidly coming to a close.

If you haven’t submitted your proposals yet, now is a great time to do so (you know, before the new-year celebrations kick in, and you get distracted by more… urgent fun). Don’t forget, you don’t need to be a professional speaker to present at tek—all you need is a great idea and an infective passion that will rub off on your fellow attendees. Some of the best speakers we’ve ever hosted were first timers—and we love to invite new people to speak every year!

Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our CfP page, where you can find out more about the proposal process, and submit several of your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Charter tickets: the easiest way to enjoy php|tek

As it is customary, while we work on receiving proposals, rating them, and coming up with a final schedule for php|tek 2012, we are offering “Charter tickets” at close to 50% off the full price for a “Full Experience” ticket that includes access to both the tutorial day and the main conference—that’s four days of learning, networking, and just plain fun for the lowest price we’ll ever offer, period.

Hurry, though: we only have about two dozens of these tickets available, and they always sell fast. They’re only available when signing up online until January 10th, or until we run out.

Sign up today!

The 2012 Call for Papers opens!

Welcome to another year of php|tek!

We’re happy to announce that our 2012 PHP conference (the best PHP conference around, if you ask us) will take place in Chicago between May 22nd and 25th. Once again, we will be at the Sheraton Gateway Chicago O’Hare, which has hosted us for the last four years and will be completely renovated from head to toe for the occasion of our fifth year there!

The 2012 Call for Papers is also live, and will be open until December 31st. If you’ve ever wanted to present in front of a crowd of the brightest (and—let’s face it—most beautiful) PHP developers in the world, this is your opportunity!

Like in past years, we’re planning all sorts of different activities and cool things to do for our three days in Chicago… stay tuned (or, better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed) for more information!